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GENE: Comedy/ Drama
TONE: Silver Linings Playbook, meets The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and After Life


A young man with severe OCD and intimacy issues falls for a free-spirited girl, however, his fears bring about a dark twist in his journey.


Ethan, an uptight young man with severe OCD and a long list of anxiety issues, struggles to get to work each day on a packed bus. The unwelcome social interactions, as well as the lack of control he has over his surroundings, brings him to the brink of a daily breakdown. At his boring accountancy job, his colleague and only friend, a lazy and crude individual called Adam, who because of a twist of fate rescued Ethan from drowning as a child, which triggered their implausible friendship. Through their co-dependency support system, Ethan does all the actual work, while Adam deals with the social side of things. This friendship and understanding seem to have got them through life so far.

Ethan soon meets Victoria, completely by accident, an unconventional, eccentric and caring girl, who on discovering Ethan’s severe intimacy and OCD issues, feels sorry for him and initially sees it as a challenge to help him. As Ethan starts to deal with his issues, Victoria helps him to confront his fears head-on, this leads to the unlikely pair falling in love. Victoria convinces him to accompany him on an important boat trip to Ireland, to help her reconnect with her lost roots. However, as Ethan has a major fear of water, he pretends to go along with the idea so as not to lose her. Not long after, Adam drunkenly let’s slip that Ethan will never actually get on that boat. Victoria extremely annoyed storms off and stops speaking to him, while letting him stew. Meanwhile, Ethan thinks that it’s over.

After some unexpectedly brutal advice from his 12-year-old next-door neighbour, he finally reaches out to Victoria. After receiving a message from Victoria to meet her at her artist studio, he arrives to find her dead on the floor after suffering a fatal epileptic seizure, a condition she didn’t know she had but was alluded to throughout by subtle symptoms.

The sudden loss takes its toll on Ethan While Ethan quickly sinks further back into his dark OCD ways, which end up with him overdosing on his anxiety pills, but thankfully Adam once again saves him just in time. Ethan returns to the artist studio where he finds a note from Victoria that spurs him on to take her boat and finish the journey which he believes he stopped her from completing. He soon discovers that this plan is flawed as he can’t sail, so he gets help from the most unlikely source, a homeless man that sleeps rough on the docks. The journey is terrifying for him but to any normal person without fear of water, ordinary.

When he arrives in a small rural town in Ireland, he is greeted by a motley cure of Irish locals who unknowingly help Ethan to understand the true meaning of living. Ethan even musters up the courage to walk into the rough sea and scatter Victoria’s ashes, ergo overcoming one of his biggest fears. He returns home, to find a mature Adam has settled down in a proper relationship. Ethan now, a calmer and more driven person finds the time to start writing his first novel “Blue as the Sky”.

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