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Chike Dunkwu: Producer

Is an Award Winning producer, who received a US Government award for the feature film “NOT MY WILL” filmed in Cameroon Africa. Chike worked as a development producer Amarine films and Itasca Films

Mike Marchlewski: D.O.P

Currently works as an in-house DOP for Sony Music London His previous work includes short films, commercials and feature films. He was awarded the Royal Television award for Cinematography.

Paul Romero Mendez: Director 

Paul is a London based film director and producer, he has released and worked on multiple short films, TV pilots and music videos. Paul works regularly as a freelance Director/ Producer on music videos and promos for Sony Music London and also directing corporate videos for companies like Huawei and Nokia. His main passion lies in directing drama and his short film ‘Westbound’ (Hacia el Oeste) which he also produced and self-funded, was accepted into the Oscar-qualifying Gijon International Film Festival in 2015 and received great critical acclaim.

Arturo M. Antolín: Editor

Has recently worked as an assistant editor in highly acclaimed productions like Supersonic, directed by Mat Whitecross, The Trip to Spain and On the Road, directed by multi-awarded director Michael Winterbottom. Gathering experience in fiction and documentary, he’s worked alongside well-known editors as Paul Monaghan and Mags Arnold. In April 2017, Arturo was selected to be part of the programme BAFTA Crew, in the branch of editing. At the moment, he is finishing the edit of Sunburn, a feature film directed by Anthony Alleyne; being also attached to upcoming features to be filmed later in 2017


Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor: Writer

Is a multi-award-winning Screenwriter and obtained her first award only a week after Graduating from Met Film School based at the prestigious Ealing studios London. She was recently commissioned to adapt a Novel into a feature screenplay

Christian Lloyd: Composer

Has scored a succession of critically acclaimed shorts, features length films and documentaries. His work has appeared at Cannes and Gijon International. Christian’s music has featured on the BBC, MTV, Channel 5 and 5 USA. 


Darren Wells: Associate Producer

Darren is the author of The book ‘Life and Soul and the original screenwriter for the current script blue as the sky.  The story quickly garnered local media attention from the BBC and other media outlets. We have a great team of filmmakers helping to develop this project into a future film and I am proud to be one of them.

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