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10th October 2020 – World Mental Health Day

The story

A young man with severe OCD and intimacy issues falls for a free-spirited girl, however, his fears bring about a dark twist in his journey.


Ethan, an uptight young man with severe OCD and a long list of anxiety issues, struggles to get to work each day on a packed bus. The unwelcome social interactions, as well as the lack of control he has over his surroundings, brings him to the brink of a daily breakdown. At his boring accountancy job, his colleague and only friend, a lazy and crude individual called Adam, who because of a twist of fate rescued Ethan from drowning as a child, which triggered their implausible friendship. Through their co-dependency support system, Ethan does all the actual work, while Adam deals with the social side of things. 

6After some unexpectedly brutal advice from his 12-year-old next-door neighbour, he finally reaches out to Victoria. After receiving a message from Victoria to meet her at her artist studio, he arrives to find her dead on the floor after suffering a fatal epileptic seizure, a condition she didn’t know she had but was alluded to throughout by subtle symptoms.

The sudden loss takes its toll on Ethan While Ethan quickly sinks further back into his dark OCD ways, which end up with him overdosing on his anxiety pills, but thankfully Adam once again saves him just in time. Ethan returns to the artist studio where he finds a note from Victoria that spurs him on to take her boat and finish the journey which he believes he stopped her from completing. He soon discovers that this plan is flawed as he can’t sail, so he gets help from the most unlikely source, a homeless man that sleeps rough on the docks. The journey is terrifying for him but to any normal person without fear of water, ordinary.

When he arrives in a small rural town in Ireland, he is greeted by a motley cure of Irish locals who unknowingly help Ethan to understand the true meaning of living. Ethan even musters up the courage to walk into the rough sea and scatter Victoria’s ashes, ergo overcoming one of his biggest fears. He returns home, to find a mature Adam has settled down in a proper relationship. Ethan now, a calmer and more driven person finds the time to start writing his first novel “Blue as the Sky”.

Blue as the Sky

The Story

How Blue as the Sky came about.

While Chike, the producer, was helping to develop and finance another project he came across the novel ‘Life and Soul’ written by Ethan Willis (aka Darren Wells) which was based on the true story of how he had to overcome the loss of his Girlfriend. The real story is based on how the novelist had to deal with his own internal battles and adversities to overcome a tragedy event, which is one that is relatable to everyone at some point in their lives and has universal cinematic appeal.

A young man with severe OCD and intimacy issues falls for a free-spirited girl, however, his fears bring about a dark twist in his journey.

Chike felt that the essence of the story was one that with the right team could be extracted to make a very powerful film and so brought on the director, Paul Romero Mendez, who brought with him a distinct creative vision for the project. Paul recommended writer Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor, a multi-award winner screenwriter who he had attended film school with to create the script for ‘BLUE AS THE SKY’.

Kerry-Ann was in regular contact with the charity to make sure that the representation of OCD in the script was one that was authentic and was sensitive to the OCD community. have been of great support to this project and have offered to coach our actors and creatives on how best to represent OCD on screen While we were working on the script, we decided as a collective that it was important to us that the film breaks down barriers in term of the perceptions of how men deal with mental health issues. We are trying to encourage men to talk about their feelings and problems and not hide away from them and stay silent. As our team is from a varied background, gender and race who have also experienced OCD, epilepsy, and loss in some shape or form, we also want to make sure our film represents a fully diverse cast and crew in front of behind the camera.

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